What We the People are Entitled to Receive
By: Bill O'ReillyMarch 9, 2017
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That is the subject of this evening's Talking Points Memo.

There is great confusion all over the land about rights and what the government owes us.

Essentially there are three major expectations that the government should meet under the Constitutional banner of “pursuit of happiness”.

Number one: Security. We are entitled to have an effective defense against people who would kill us.

But today our security is wobbling because of hackers and leakers and the federal government doesn’t seem to be able to stop the espionage. While many Americans don't pay attention, this issue that we cannot guard our defense secrets or even protect the President when he talks to a foreign leader, is something that America has never seen before.  Simply put, the high-tech world is creating threats to our security that are almost out of control. This is perhaps the most important issue the federal government faces right now.

Close to that is healthcare. Americans are entitled to an affordable medical system that can alleviate their suffering.  All of us are going to get sick and we will need help. But right now that help is confusing to say the least.  It is pointless for the Factor to debate Obamacare and what might replace it until a specific new proposal is put forth. When details are decided and the bill is ready to be considered, we will be all over it.

The guiding principles of healthcare should be that it is financially reasonable, that you have access to the doctors you need, and that you are not bogged down in a chaotic system of red tape and delays. So Congress has a lot of work to do to put a fair healthcare system in place.

Finally all American adults should have fair access to the free marketplace. By that I mean that you can't be denied a job because of your color, race, or anything else.  Also, the government needs to put sensible guidelines in place that protect workers from exploitation.  With many unions now politically corrupted, the feds and states have much more responsibility to working Americans.

And that's what we are owed.

The Bernie Sanders philosophy that everyone should be guaranteed a job and at a set wage and shepherded through life is not what America is all about.

In some cases, some Americans are not treated fairly in the marketplace.

The best example of this is when we see children from families who don't really care about them.  These kids are often thrown into awful schools and wash out early without much of an education at all.  They have little chance to succeed economically.  For far too long America has looked away from this reality.

Every American child deserves a quality education and right now the system is not providing that for millions of kids. That must change.

And that's the memo.


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