Who's Behind the Caravan
By: Bill O'ReillyOctober 25, 2018
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Who's Behind the Caravan

By some accounts, there are 14,000 human beings walking thousands of miles to the southern border of the United States. Every person in the migrant caravan needs food, water, and facilities. There are vehicles involved and tents and other things that cost money. There are organizers on the scene.

So who is providing the money for the migrant march? The organization that put it together, Pueblo Sin Fronteras, depends on donations to operate. In August, the activist group based in Honduras put the word out on social media that asylum could be obtained in America if certain directions were followed. Thus, the planned mass journey began to take shape.

Because Pueblo Sin Fronteras is based in Honduras, it is not required to list its donors. But you can safely assume that it’s not money from Tegucigalpa that’s powering this engine. A good guess is that shadowy far left political groups in America are putting up the cash.

The plan seems to be to goad President Trump into doing something that will mobilize young liberals and Hispanics to vote for Democrats in the midterms. Earlier this year, the migrant child separation deal on the border worked well for the left as President Trump had to change his immigration policy because “babies were being ripped from their mothers.”

The anti-Trump forces got a lot of mileage out of that one.

Don’t count on the corrupt American media to uncover the money behind the caravan just as the press ignored the presence of far left zealots in the Kavanaugh controversy. Again, a journalist’s mission is to try to find the truth of a story. Do you think that’s happening in the age of Trump? Do you?

If the migrant caravan was secretly designed as a political play to hurt President Trump and the Republicans in the November vote, that is one enormous story. It would take resources and will to get the facts surrounding the march and its funding but the effort should be a top priority for an honest press.

Sadly, I don’t expect answers anytime soon.