Why Are Nearly Half the Voters Still Slobbering Over Obama?
By: Bernie GoldbergJuly 21, 2014

I don’t get it.  According to Rasmussen, 47 percent of likely voters approve of the job President Obama is doing.

Yes, it’s true that more disapprove – 52 percent.  And the breakdown reveals that while only 24 percent “strongly approve” of the job the president is doing, 41 percent “strongly disapprove.”

But I’m fixated on the fact that nearly half the likely voters polled think Mr. Obama is doing just fine — or better.

Yes, I know that a certain percentage of Americans would continue to slobber over this president and say they approve of his job performance even if they had just seen a video of him in Red Square making a deal with Vladimir Putin to sell half the United States west of the Mississippi to Russia for $1.98.

But 47 percent?

They called Ronald Reagan the Teflon president but the title now belongs to Barack Obama.  Nothing sticks to him.  Not Fast and Furious, not the trouble associated with ObamaCare, not Benghazi, not the IRS scandal, not the deal for Bergdahl, I’m betting not the border crisis and not anything else, including his less than forceful response to Mr. Putin for Russia’s role in the Malaysian plane disaster.

Apparently not the anemic economic recovery, either.  Last month, the U.S. registered a gain of 288,000 jobs.  Sounds good, right?  But here’s the rest of the story:  That same month we lost 523,000 full time jobs and gained 799,000 part time jobs.  There were only 12,000 new full time jobs created.

Americans know Mr. Obama is not doing well handling the economy — and they give him low marks when pollsters ask.  But still, nearly half approve of his job performance.  Huh?

A day after four Americans were killed in Benghazi, the president hopped on Air Force One for a fundraiser in Las Vegas.  A week or so ago he went to Texas for more fundraisers but didn’t want to take time out to personally see what’s going on at the border.  That would have been nothing more than a photo-op, he said. And hours after nearly 300 innocents were shot out of the sky, he went to New York for more fundraisers.

And 47 percent of Americans think he’s doing a good job?!

Either Rasmussen is suddenly a lousy pollster or half the American electorate don’t know enough to qualify even as low information voters.

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