Will Donald Trump Be Able to Unite the Country?
By: Bill O'ReillyDecember 7, 2016
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Today, Time Magazine announced that Mr. Trump is the Person of the Year.

Then they took a swipe at him, saying "Donald Trump - President of the Divided States of America."

Time, perhaps the most politically correct publication in the country, clearly dislikes Mr. Trump.

They had to make him the Person of the Year but obviously did not want to do so. 

However, the magazine is correct in saying that the USA is a divided country.

Mr. Trump claims that happened on President Obama's watch, and he will bring everybody together.

Talking Points is not sure that is possible.

To illustrate that point, let's take a look at the nation's largest city - New York.

In the presidential election, Hillary Clinton received nearly 79% of the vote.

Donald Trump - 18%.

The Big Apple rock-steady left.

You may remember that Trump actually said he might carry New York.  But that was never even remotely possible.

And here's why:

Unlike San Francisco, which is steeped in socialist ideology, New York City is basically a welfare state.

The ethnic breakdown goes like this:

32% -  white

29% - Hispanic 

24% - black 

14% - Asian

You want diversity, come to New York City.

In addition, 38% of the population here is foreign born; 17% are not citizens.

So, you are looking at a political situation where millions of New Yorkers are trying to survive in a very tough environment.

The population of New York City is now about eight-and-a-half million people, and many of them can't make a living.

So the government must support them. 

Right now New York City is approaching one hundred billion dollars in debt.

The city cannot possibly pay off that money.

So it will borrow more and depend on you, wherever you live, to bail it out.

Twenty percent of New York City residents are now receiving food stamps.  That's 1.7 million people at a cost of 250 million dollars a month - a month!

Other assistance to residents is more than 100 million dollars a month.

Five percent of the city's population is on disability.

Cost? Two-hundred-and-fifty-two million dollars a month.

Finally, 600,000 New Yorkers are receiving payments for public housing.

That's 7% of the population.

So you can see that New York City, the most powerful financial center in the world, is basically a dependency.

And people receiving disability checks, housing supplements, food stamps and other direct payments are not going to vote for Republicans.


So, this is a one-party city that will never embrace a guy like Donald Trump.

This is what America has come to, its largest city is falling apart.

There is little desire on the part of the liberal city government to lift people out of welfare.

Liberal politicians actually want dependency.

For example, if the city were to investigate disability claims, they'd find that many of them are completely bogus

It's a racket.  Everybody knows it.

But when 80% of the voters continue to support the far-left vision, nothing is going to change.

So even though Donald Trump is a hometown guy and believes he can bring America together, the heavy odds are he cannot.

The welfare system in many places is simply too entrenched.

And the welfare system is not going to make America great.

That's the memo.

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