Wise Up, Young People
By: Bill O'ReillyMay 1, 2019
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Wise Up, Young People
There has always been a divide between older folks and youth, it’s normal - experience versus energy.
But today in America the divide may be at historic levels.  And because of that, there is danger to the nation.
Let’s start with the “Green New Deal.”  All Americans should keep an open mind about climate change and treating the earth more gently.  There are nearly eight billion human beings on the planet and pollution is a powerful problem.  

Clean energy, protecting nature, and zero tolerance for littering are imperative.
But rank speculation and empowering anti-freedom programs are even more dangerous than lax environmental enforcement.  Younger Americans seem almost eager to have government bureaucrats tell them what to eat, what doctor to see, what appliance they can use.
The Green Deal is based on totalitarianism, a central authority that compels behavior - or else.  Does Beto or Ocasio-Cortez even understand that?  I don’t know.
It seems, based on polling, that many younger Americans seek dependence on government.  They embrace the nanny state.  

No longer is Horace Greeley’s self reliance adage “go west, young man” advice relevant.  
Now, it’s “we’ll take care of you, young person, don’t you worry.”
The move toward dependency is a selfish play.  I want stuff - please provide it.  That, of course, includes protection against climate and a permissive culture.
I took some teens to the Santa Monica pier the other day.  Hundreds of children were having fun on the rides, playing the games.  But there they were - the public pot smokers - getting high in front of the kids.
They did not care a whit.  They are selfish and vastly inappropriate.
And our society no longer calls them out.
What younger Americans will lose if the dependency and permissiveness continues is personal motivation, the will to accomplish things on your own.  The leftists understand that young people are a power base for them and therefore feed youth a steady stream of gibberish about socialism and environmental doom.
It’s all about attaining power; give the folks pot and circuses.  Keep them distracted and inebriated.
Wise up, young Americans.  You’re being used.  You won’t like living in Cuba.