Woke Sports Names
By: Bill O'ReillySeptember 27, 2022
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The Atlanta Braves were at the White House yesterday being congratulated by President Biden for winning last year's World Series. 
One problem. Sleepy Joe and his woke staff do not like the name "Braves."
And they are offended by the tomahawk chop, an aggressive arm gesture some fans use to support the team.
It is somewhat incredible that the word "brave" is now a pejorative. Young Indian warriors were brave. Read my book "Killing Crazy Horse." There are all kinds of Native American valiant behavior in there. 
Indian braves were named that because they were not afraid to defend their tribes. But the Biden administration is deeply afraid of offending the nutty wokesters. The President is also afraid of actually governing; the country is a mess.
But back to the Braves. I can understand deep-sixing the Redskins. Skin color isn't the best moniker.
The Cleveland Indians, however, made a mistake. They are now the Guardians. Lame. Who are they guarding, exactly?
There were many Indian tribes in the Cleveland area at one time in history. Just ask William Henry Harrison.
I hope the Braves stick with the name. Atlanta is getting pounded these days. "Gone with the Wind" is racist, and the far left despises Georgia because it has voter ID.
So to President Biden, I say - relax on the sports names, Kimosabe. This country has much bigger problems.
See you tonight for the No Spin News.
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