Don't Tell Mom or Dad
By: Staff Thursday, October 26, 2006
A few days ago actress Jane Wyatt died. She played the mom on the 1950's TV show "Father Knows Best." I was thinking about Ms. Wyatt while analyzing the upcoming referendum, Proposition 85, in California.

The proposed law is called "Waiting Period and Parental Notification Before Termination of Minor's Pregnancy." If passed, it would require a doctor to inform an underage girl's parents before performing an abortion, and wait 48 hours unless there was a medical emergency.

The proposed law does have the so-called "abuse exception." If the girl feels she would be harmed by the parental notification, the court would make the call. It also gives the girl a chance to explain to the judge that she is mature enough to make an abortion decision on her own. So a judge could waive the notification if he or she was convinced the child was emotionally equipped to handle the situation.

Now, all of this sounds more than reasonable to me. The rights of parents to know the mental condition of their children is upheld, but if notification could cause potential damage to the child, the court decides. Good law, right? Wrong, if you are a secular-progressive (S-P).

That group adamantly opposes any legal restriction involving a young girl's access to an abortion. Thus, your 14-year-old could leave the house one morning, show up at a Planned Parenthood clinic, undergo major surgery, and be back home in time for dinner. So how was your day, Tammy?

This is insane. And Senator Hillary Clinton is supporting the insanity. She actually recorded an audio spot urging Californians to vote "no" on parental notification. And, by the way, Hillary neglected to tell voters about the "exceptions" in her ramble. She pleaded for "kids at risk" without mentioning that the courts would bend over backwards for those kids. Shameful.

Do you believe for one second that Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and Benjamin Franklin would support a legal system that allows children alone to make decisions about elective surgery-surgery that terminates a potential human being? No rational person could believe the Founding Fathers would violate the doctrine of parental responsibility in that way.

So what the heck is going on?

Well, it's all part of the S-P movement that sees the state, not the parent, as the final authority over a child's welfare. S-P's want a breakdown of traditional family roles, replacing them with a uniform code of governmental child rearing. In that way, the youth of America will become "emancipated" from their parents and be more susceptible to S-P thinking.

Which brings us back to "Father Knows Best" 2006. In this show, "Kitten," the youngest child, has just been impregnated by a local hooligan. Her brother, "Bud," drives her to the clinic and the fetus is history.

Later, the entire family goes out for burgers. But father doesn't know best in this updated sitcom. In fact, father doesn't know anything.