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Wednesday, January 18, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/18/2017
As you may know, Donald Trump has promised to sign a number of executive actions almost immediately after taking office. Some of these actions may overturn things President Obama himself put into place. Tonight we'll tell you what you can expect Trump to do and Fox's James Rosen will bring us a report.

In the Impact Segment we'll bring you the highlights of President Obama's final press conference today. Geraldo & Bolling will be here to give their takeaways as the president prepares to leave the White House.

Senator John McCain joins us to talk about President Obama commuting the sentence of Private Chelsea Manning. Manning is serving a 35 year sentence after being convicted of multiple charges under the Espionage Act. Not everyone is thrilled about the president's actions - including Senator John McCain. Tonight he's here to explain why/.

And don't miss our Miller Time segment at Dennis Miller gives his take on Friday's inauguration.
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/17/2017
Fox News Channel is happy to announce that on Super Bowl Sunday at 4 PM eastern, your humble correspondent will interview President Donald Trump in the White House. Tonight we'll tell you what kind of questions will be put to Mr. Trump and what we're expecting from the exchange. Juan Williams and Lisa Boothe are here to present questions they'd ask Mr. Trump and talk about whether Democrats will ever grow to accept the president-elect.

In our Impact Segment, ESPN's Stephen A. Smith is here to talk about the racial divide over Donald Trump. Just yesterday, a CNN analyst took issue with African Americans meeting the president-elect in Trump Tower, saying they're being used as nothing more than props by Trump. The Factor thinks that criticism goes too far. Tonight we'll talk it over with Stephen A.

And in our Personal Story segment, we'll look at the world of Hollywood and politics. As we've reported, there's been pressure put on entertainers not to perform at the presidential inauguration. It seems Hollywood has no tolerance for conservative entertainers being in the same venue as Mr. Trump. Tonight we'll talk to Trump supporters Scott Baio & Joe Piscopo about what it's like to be a conservative in the entertainment industry.
Monday, January 16, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/16/2017
As we told you last week, the Talladega College marching band was invited to play at Donald Trump's inauguration this week. The students were thrilled at the opportunity but came up short on paying for the trip. The college's president joined us here at the Factor to explain the situation and ask for help. Immediately after that interview aired, folks donated to the school's trip in a big way - raising nearly half a million dollars! Does this put an end to the Left's claim that Trump supporters and Republicans are racist? We'll talk it over with Charles Krauthammer.

Dana Perino is here to talk about the Democratic divide within Congress over whether to attend the Trump inauguration. A number of prominent Democrats say they'll sit out the event over political differences with Trump. Does this only serve to drive us further apart? Then we'll talk to Brit Hume about the ugly political landscape in America and if Donald Trump has any chance of bringing the country back together.

And we'll bring you Watters' World: The Race Edition. On the Martin Luther King Day, Jesse asks folks about the state of race relations in America.
Friday, January 13, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/13/2017
The feud between Donald Trump and the U.S. intelligence community is heating up. This morning on Twitter, Trump said that our own intel folks are probably the ones that leaked the "phony allegations" about him to the press and others. If he's already feuding with our intel people, does that mean they're bound to have a rocky relationship once he enters the White House? Anthony Scaramucci, a member of the Trump transition team, is here to tell us. Then, California Congressman Brad Sherman enters the No Spin Zone to talk about what he and other Democrats think of the friction between Donald Trump and the U.S. intel community.

In our Factor Followup: With Donald Trump's inauguration just days away, will Democrats give him a chance once he enters the Oval Office or will they fight him every step of the way? We'll debate it with Richard Goodstein and Adriana Cohen.

And in the Back of the Book, we take a look at a busy week in news for Donald Trump. We saw a wild press conference, contentious nomination hearings and a salacious but dubious report on Mr. Trump and Russia. So after this week's incredible series of events, is the Trump team coming out ahead? Our political panel weighs in.
Thursday, January 12, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/12/2017
As we told you yesterday, Donald Trump is lashing out at the media for reporting what he says is fake news. In particular, he's targeting a report presented to the press that he says is filled with lies. The report says that high-level folks in Russia have compromising information on Mr. Trump. A number of claims in the report have been debunked. But some in the media picked up on this report and ran with it. Tonight we'll talk about the state of the media and why running with unsubstantiated stories is harmful to our political structure. Senator Lindsey Graham weighs in.

In the Impact Segment, Karl Rove is here to tell us whether the dismantling of Obamacare may be coming soon.

Our pal Bernie Goldberg is back. We asked him to keep an eye on what the news media's been saying about the contentious Trump press conference yesterday. Tonight he brings us his report.

And Watters hits the streets to ask folks what they'll miss about President Obama.
Wednesday, January 11, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/11/2017
President-elect Donald Trump took questions from the press this afternoon here in New York City. Among the highlights: He reacted to the Russian hacking scandal, talked about repealing Obamacare and also slammed CNN for broadcasting what he called "fake news". When CNN reporter Jim Acosta pushed back over the "fake news" claim, the two got into a heated exchange. We'll show you what happened tonight and talk it over with Geraldo, Eric Bolling and John Roberts.

In the Personal Stories segment. Lou Dobbs is here to talk about the future of the U.S. economy. Mr. Trump has stopped a number of U.S. jobs from going abroad and now says he's going to create a massive economic comeback here in America. What should be his first steps to get us on track? We'll ask Lou.

And in the Weekdays with Bernie segment, we'll talk to Bernie about whether the press will ever be able to give Donald Trump a fair shake.
Tuesday, January 10, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/10/2017
Tonight, Barack Obama will deliver his farewell address in Chicago. After eight years in office, Mr. Obama stands by the fact that his time as president was a successful one. Of course many Republicans disagree and say he's weakened the country. Tonight we'll run down his strengths and weaknesses when it comes to issues like immigration, the economy, foreign policy and fighting terror. Presidential historians David Azerrad & Jon Meacham are here to talk about how he'll be remembered years after he leaves the White House.

In our Unresolved Problems segment, we'll take a look at protesters disrupting the hearing of Senator Jeff Sessions on Capitol Hill today. Did they do more harm to their cause than good? We'll debate it.

And Kimberly joins us with a report on the state of California where elected officials say they'll fight Donald Trump every step of the way once he enters the White House. They say they'll work to stop his administration from cracking down on sanctuary cities and may even sue him if he builds a border wall in the Golden state. Kimberly explains whether they can really go toe-to-toe with the White House.
Monday, January 9, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/09/2017
Talking Points has long said that Donald Trump separated himself from the other Republican candidates by building his campaign on the issue of illegal immigration. He says people entering the country illegally should be held accountable for their actions. Now that he's about to enter the White House, it looks like there may hope for Kate's Law. The legislation, named after Kate Steinle, would impose a mandatory minimum five year sentence on foreigners who reenter the U.S. after being deported. Charles Krauthammer joins the Factor tonight to talk about the future of Kate's Law.

In our Impact Segment, Brit Hume weighs in on the relationship between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. Lots of folks are saying Putin can't be trusted and that Trump is making a big mistake by embracing the Russian leader. Brit will share his thoughts.

In the Personal Story segment, we look at Hollywood's view of Donald Trump. Last night, a number of folks in the entertainment industry piled on Trump at the Golden Globes. Meryll Streep in particular took aim at the president-elect, blasting him during her acceptance speech. Tucker Carlson is here to talk about whether folks even care about Hollywood's political beliefs anymore.

And don't miss Watters' World as Jesse sees how interested folks are in Mr. Trump's upcoming inauguration.
Friday, January 6, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/06/2017
The #1 cable news program for 15 years and counting. Bestselling author Bill O'Reilly mixes news, interviews and analyses, all in the interest of looking out for you.
Thursday, January 5, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/05/2017
Today in Washington, the Senate Armed Services Committee held hearings about Russia allegedly subverting the presidential election. The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, believes Russia was behind the cyber-attack. Talking Points believes the hacking should be handled as a serious matter but it's up to President-elect Trump to decide if further action against Russia is necessary. Tonight we'll talk about how Mr. Trump may handle the situation.

In the Impact Segment, we'll take a look at the apparent divide within the Democratic Party. While some folks on the Left say the Party should fight Mr. Trump every step of the way, others say the country should give him a chance to prove himself. We'll analyze this Democratic divide.

Our pal Bernie Goldberg has a new column out describing what he calls "Trump derangement" among folks on the Left. He's here to explain what it is. And don't miss Watters' World as Jesse reports on America's love of fast food.
Wednesday, January 4, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/04/2017
The #1 cable news program for 15 years and counting. Bestselling author Bill O'Reilly mixes news, interviews and analyses, all in the interest of looking out for you.
Tuesday, January 3, 2017
The O'Reilly Factor - 01/03/2017
There are numerous reports that musicians are scared to perform at Donald Trump's inaugural ceremony. Some say the entertainers think they'll be black-balled if they attend the event. Talking Points believes it's un-American to intimidate folks just because you may not like someone's politics. Charles Krauthammer is here to weigh in.

In our Impact Segment, Karl Rove joins us to analyze Donald Trump's role in the private sector. Mr. Trump has been putting pressure on companies that move say they're moving jobs overseas. He says he'll hit them with heavy taxes for leaving the country, in hopes he can pressure them to stay here in America. Critics say he has no right to get involved but others say he should do whatever he can to protect American jobs. We'll debate it.

And don't miss Watters' World as Jesse rings in the new year with over a million others in Times Square on Saturday. He asked the folks what their resolutions for 2017 are. Tonight he'll report what he found.