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Stratfor's Intel Briefing
Today is the 76th anniversary of the start of World War II in Europe.
Bernie's Weekly Column
If these were normal times, the numbers would be bad news...
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How did the Dow Jones Industrial Average fare last week? Column

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos is a man on a mission.  

Stossel's Weekly Column

OK, my list isn't very scientific.
Judge Nap's Weekly Column
What will the American people do about it?
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Tuesday's Talking Points
The Family of Kate Steinle Plans to Sue the City and County of San Francisco
Imagine for a moment that your 32-year-old daughter full of life was shot dead on the streets of San Francisco for absolutely...Read The Memo
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Unresolved Problems
Watters' World
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Where Do You Stand?
Your child tells you he or she wants to be a cop someday. What is your response?
Great, it's a most honorable profession
Nice idea, but too dangerous right now
Please don't, it's a terrible job

Legends & Lies
The oldest child in a large Mormon family, teenage Robert Leroy Parker develops a problem with authority early...
Bill's Exclusive Commentary
No Spin News
Kate's Law & Media Distortion
"Enough is enough and the politicians won't do enough to stop it. I'm so disappointed in the Democratic Party for the Kate's Law situation. Who is standing up? Nobody.

I thought Feinstein the senator from California might but no. Gutless..."
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"If you give the Democrats a way out, they'll take it. Sanctuary cities? Let's have a vote to defund or not. Let's have it. Kate's Law? Aggravated felon? If they come back after being deported? Five years.

Keep it simple so everyone understands and the press can't distort it."
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