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July 2016 Vocabulary Words
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[FAH-puh-ree]  Behavior that is foolish in the extreme
Featured on July 13, 2016
[BILL-ings-gate]  Coarse, vulgar, and abusive language
Featured on July 12, 2016
[FILL-uh-steen]  A person who is uncultured and hostile to the arts
Featured on July 11, 2016
[JING-oh-iz-um]  Extreme nationalism, eager to go to war
Featured on July 7, 2016
[PECK-sniff-ee-un]  Hypocritical, falsely putting on airs of moral principle
Featured on July 6, 2016
[MISS-kree-unt]  Criminal, malefactor, villain
Featured on July 5, 2016
JULY 22, 2016  | PM Rating: A
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