Technical Issues
Message Boards Message Boards are only available to Premium Members.

By default, your name will appear on messages that you post in the Message Boards. You may change the name that appears on the Message Boards by changing your "Greeting Name/Nickname" in your Member Profile. Additional information from your profile will not be visible on the Message Boards unless you choose to make more details public.

If you find that there is another member that you do not wish to communicate with, click the "Block" button that appears on any of his or her posts. The offending member's posts will then be masked. You may view a list of the members that you have blocked at any time.

While we do not actively "moderate" the Message Boards, if a situation warrants, we will remove offending posts or ban offending members as per the Usage Agreement that all members must read and agree to abide by. If you find there are postings on the site that do not comply with the "Plain Language Guide to the Message Boards," please click the "Report" button on the offending post and explain the situation. We will take action if necessary.

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