"Many publishers have asked me to simply reprint my past stuff. I've always said no. That's because some of what I've written is obsolete. Dated. Not relevant to anything anymore. That happens because life passes quickly and seasons change, to say the least. What was fascinating five years ago may be very boring right now.

"But some of what I've put down on paper is worth another look, especially my predictions about the age of Barack Obama. Back when I wrote the book Culture Warrior, I knew little about the man. And what I wrote in Culture Warrior had nothing to do with him as a human being. But it did have to do with his mind-set and how his secular-progressive (S-P) point of view was gaining steam in America. Looking back, I see that I am nearly an oracle in this area. It's interesting to read today what I saw in the fictional future that I created years ago. It's also somewhat frightening.

"In this book we look back but we also update everything, allowing you to incorporate some of the views I've stated into your own lives should you choose to do that. The only way things will get better in America is for sane people to win the debate. Keep It Pithy will help you do that, and it will also clarify things that may be perplexing you at this moment. As usual, I will be blunt and, I hope, entertaining at the same time."