The Immigration Insurrection
By: Staff Thursday, August 16, 2007
All around the country, certain cities are refusing to inform federal authorities about the activities of illegal aliens, even foreign nationals who commit crimes in their jurisdictions. This week the police department in New Haven, Connecticut issued a memo ordering officers not to cooperate with Homeland Security on enforce warrants for illegal immigrants. This follows New Haven's distribution of ID cards to illegals so they can access city services.

This, of course, is outrageous, and verges on anarchy. New Haven officials have violated Federal Statute 1373(a), and if Attorney General Gonzalez still has an office, he should prosecute them.

But he won't. And President Bush will remain mute as well. The President could urge Congress to cut off federal funding to New Haven and every other municipality that violates federal immigration law, but again, that will never happen. Every politician knows that calling for tough action against illegal immigration will bring accusations of bigotry.

The so-called "sanctuary city" policies of cities like New Haven, New York, Los Angeles, Houston and on and on have now become life and death issues, not simply ideological defiance. Let's take a look at what happened in the "sanctuary city" of Newark, New Jersey.

Jose Carranza, an illegal from Peru, was known on the streets as a very bad dude. Authorities knew it as well, because Carranza was charged with raping a 7-year-old girl and assaulting four adults.

Nevertheless, when Carranza appeared before Judge Thomas Vena on the child rape charge, Vena cut his bail in half, allowing Carranza to walk free. Ten months later, police say Carranza executed three college students in a Newark schoolyard by shooting them to death.

Because Newark is a "sanctuary city," no official notified Homeland Security (ICE) about Carranza. Had they done so, the feds could have detained Carranza the moment he walked out of Judge Vena's courtroom.

There are many villains in this dreadful story. If convicted, Carranza is obviously an animal. Judge Vena may have the deaths of three people on his conscience. New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine and Newark officials are apparently fine with criminal aliens running around because they support the "sanctuary" policies.

Americans are rightfully confused as to how all of this can be happening. We have immigration laws in place, yet New Haven, Newark and scores of other places will not obey them. And nothing happens to the scofflaws. Following that logic, why should any law be obeyed?

The brutal truth is that three young Americans are dead in Newark because irresponsible politicians and a stupid judge would not protect them. Thousands of Americans have been killed by illegal aliens, and the only thing that can stop the madness is a public outcry because our politicians are too cowardly to crackdown.

We the people have to demand action. But will we?