Memo to Hollywood
By: Staff Thursday, April 3, 2008
Hey, Hollywood people, thanks for taking this meeting. I wish I had some good news about the new movie "Stop Loss." But I don't. It's a bomb, a major disaster at the box office, despite the presence of Ryan Phillippe. Sorry.

One thing. Why do you guys keep making these Iraq war films when nobody wants to see them? I mean, "Home of the Brave" went straight to video, and most theatres wouldn't even consider "Redacted." I understand that billionaire Mark Cuban has no clue, but come on, the guy spends more than five million bucks on "Redacted" and it grosses about $65,000? Wow, that's some write off.

As you know, even the big boys are getting hammered with these anti-American movies. Tom Cruise and Robert Redford took in just $15 million for "Lions for Lambs." That doesn't even pay Cruise's Scientology tab. And what about Tommy Lee Jones, Charlize Theron and Susan Sarandon grossing less than $7 million for "In the Valley of Elah," a.k.a. "In the Valley of Failure?" Most films have peaks and valleys. No such luck in Elah.

With all due respect, maybe you guys in Hollywood should actually leave Los Angeles and talk to the folks in the heartland. You see, most Americans believe their country is a noble nation. They love America. And while many are disenchanted with the war in Iraq, they don't think the USA is evil for removing Saddam Hussein. Instead, they are disappointed the war is dragging on with no clear resolution in sight.

Also, most folks deeply respect the sacrifice our military people are making in Iraq and Afghanistan. So here's a clue—people are not going to pay ten bucks to see Mark Cuban or anyone else portray our forces as savages.

Perhaps, Hollywood people, you might want to examine some stars of the past. Did you know that James Stewart earned a chest full of medals for bombing the Germans? And Clark Gable flew B-17's in World War II as well.

Charles Durning actually won a Silver Star at Normandy. Also, Lee Marvin and Charles Bronson both fought the Japanese in the vicious Saipan campaign.

Contrast those men with the stars of today, most of whom will not even visit our troops in the field even though the USO will pay for the trip. Scarlett Johansson and Robin Williams are exceptions, but many movie people are roughing it in Malibu, happy not to think about Islamic fascism.

Finally, because I know how busy you all are, let me wrap things up. There is a difference between loyal dissent, a good thing, and trying to make your country look bad. You, Hollywood people, often do the latter. And the folks know it.

So, please stop.
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