Hell No, Baby Alex Won't Go
By: BillOReilly.com Staff Thursday, June 19, 2008
Have you seen the Baby Alex political ad that the radical left, George Soros-funded organization MoveOn.org has produced? To some, it plays like a Saturday Night Live skit, but the intent is deadly serious: to damage John McCain.

In the ad, a young mother is holding a baby and says, "Hi, John McCain, this is Alex and he's my first... so, John McCain, when you say you would stay in Iraq for a hundred years, were you counting on Alex? Because, if you were, you can't have him."

I know, you think I'm making that up. No way. These loopy MoveOn people spent more than a half million dollars making and marketing the ad. No word on what Baby Alex's cut was.

My question is this: Who on earth would take that message seriously? What kind of voter is that supposed to reach?

The basic premise of the ad was a conversation between Senator McCain and the late Tim Russert last January. McCain told Russert that U.S. troops are needed around the world, but we have to keep them safe. The Q-and-A went like this:
Russert: President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for 50 years.

McCain: Maybe 100. We've been in South Korea and Japan for 60 years. That's fine with me as long as Americans are not being injured or harmed.
Now, Baby Alex might not understand the geopolitical implications of the comment, but honest adults should. The U.S. military is stationed overseas to protect our interests and to defuse dangerous situations, like turmoil in the Persian Gulf. That's tough for a child to digest but, come on, it's not a kooky position, even if you disagree.

Propaganda aside, I liked the Baby Alex ad so much that I'm suggesting MoveOn produce a series of them. Let's see... how about Baby Alex thanking his mom for not aborting him. That has a political theme to it.

Also, Baby Alex could extend his gratitude to the FBI for keeping his parents safe since the attack on 9/11. Alex could also, through his perspicacious mother, demonstrate his eagerness to see Islamic fascism defeated so he and all the other babies won't have to deal with it when they grow up.

Perhaps Baby Alex's mom could also explain to him that he will never have to live under a tyrant like Saddam Hussein because his country embraces freedom. And then, after all that, Alex could settle in for a nice nap, knowing that a nutritious meal will be ready for him upon waking--a meal millions of babies in other countries will never get.

Those ideas should keep MoveOn very busy this election year and I am definitely looking forward to seeing the spots on TV. Thank you, George Soros, you're a patriot.