Ferguson, Truth, and The End of Time
By: BillOReilly.com Staff Friday, November 28, 2014
Remember Time Magazine? The weekly journal that was once must-reading for informed Americans died long ago; in its place is a publication that shares the Time name but none of its former prestige or relevance.

So why bring up an irrelevant magazine? Because of all the idiotic things said and written about the Ferguson rioters, Time wins top prize for mind-numbing stupidity. A contributor named Darlena Cunha used her platform to praise the rioters who looted and burned and rampaged. Violent protests, according to Ms. Cunha, are "a necessary part of the evolution of society." That is, as long as they're not in her neighborhood.

Not to be too far outdone, the esteemed New York Times published the name of the street on which Officer Darren Wilson lives with his new bride, further endangering a man who is already a target of death threats. Meanwhile, a state senator in Missouri joyously proclaimed that this is "our race war," and assorted other pundits and politicians casually tossed around terms like "white supremacy" and "systemic racism."

So the anti-American crowd, as expected, used the non-indictment to vent their hatred and resentment, to insist once again that blacks and other minorities don't get a fair shake from the criminal justice system and our capitalistic economy.

To be fair, most Americans recognize that young black men are often viewed with more suspicion than, say, young Asian men. Not just by cops, but by shop owners and people walking down the street. Is it fair? No. But is it at least in part understandable? Of course.

All one has to do is examine a few stats. As the brave black columnist Jason Riley points out, blacks commit violent crimes at about ten times the rate of whites. Blame it on poverty or lack of education or anything else that makes you feel better, but the fact remains that black criminality is disproportionately high.

Not coincidentally, that mirrors another horrible statistic: More than 70% of black newborns don't have a caring father in the home. That is a recipe for mayhem, anti-social behavior, and lack of discipline. It has been pointed out that fatherlessness has done a far better job of destroying parts of black America than the Klan could have dreamed of.

Al Sharpton knows all of this. So does the pompous professor Michael Eric Dyson, who accused former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani of harboring a "white supremacy" mentality. Dyson's evidence: Giuliani had the impudence to point out that black men are killing one another in America's cities and that cops are needed to protect the many decent residents in those precincts.

All of the above is often ignored by the mainstream press. It doesn't fit their biases, which led to so much misinformation being spread from the very beginning of the Ferguson saga. The media painted Michael Brown as an angelic figure, a latter-day Emmett Till, when in fact he was anything but that. As Jason Riley put it, Brown was "much more of a menace than a martyr." Who could watch the video of Brown strong-arming a diminutive store clerk and come to any other conclusion? But many in our corrupt media follow a simple mantra: If the facts don't fit the fable, print the fable.

There will inevitably be another racial incident in some American town. Will the media have learned anything from Ferguson, from the Duke lacrosse debacle, from the Trayvon Martin killing? Or will they once again go off half-cocked, crafting a story before knowing the truth? The odds are not great. Stories like Ferguson pump up ratings for some desperate cable outlets and give racial hustlers the attention that is their lifeblood.

But each one of these incidents chips away at the idea that we live in a fundamentally noble and just nation. Every fire set, every insult hurled, every stone thrown damages America itself. This nation has a unique ability to right its wrongs, to get incrementally better with each generation. But the America-haters believe our nation was born in sin, remains fundamentally flawed, and must be ripped apart. So they are absolutely gleeful every time another Ferguson comes along, providing another chance to spew anti-American poison. Without an honest media to set things straight, it's imperative for the rest of us to fight back. With facts, with honesty ... and without fear.

Let's start by calling out Time Magazine for publishing garbage. The aforementioned Darlena Cunha asks a question in her execrable column: "Is rioting so wrong?" Yes, Ms. Cunha, it is. And nearly as wrong was Time's decision to publish your incendiary diatribe.

If Time is still taking nominees for its Person of the Year, the magazine might consider honoring one of the masked rioters who ruined the lives of business owners in Ferguson. Because, like many of those little shops on West Florissant Avenue, Time Magazine has gone down in flames.