Christian Lambs to the Slaughter
By: Staff Thursday, February 26, 2015
The United Nations has just issued a new report documenting "widespread human rights violations" by ISIS. Even the UN's human rights boss, who has seen his share of atrocities, admitted to being "deeply shocked."

Let's not mince words about these "violations." The ISIS savages are guilty of rape, slavery, child abuse, beheading, crucifixion, and more. And while many ethnic and religious minorities are under siege, their favorite targets seem to be Christians.

This week, another 150 Assyrian Christians were kidnapped in Syria and taken hostage by ISIS. The Assyrians have practiced Christianity since the 6th Century and still speak a language very similar to that spoken by Jesus himself.

Now, dozens of these peaceful people, among them babies and the elderly, face the distinct possibility of being slaughtered. Exterminated. Just as Coptic Christians in Egypt and Assyrian Christians in Iraq were exterminated in recent weeks.

The depravity of ISIS has overshadowed that other Islamist terror group Boko Haram. Those evildoers kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria last year, most of them Christian. Boko Haram killed an estimated 2,500 people last year, usually targeting communities inhabited by Christians.

And now? There has been a spate of suicide bombings in Nigeria carried out by young girls. It is presumed that Boko Haram is forcing its kidnapped prey to don suicide vests. Just try to envision the sickness required to strap a bomb to a little girl, send her into a crowded market, and detonate an explosion that kills dozens of innocents.

Fox News analyst Lt. Col. Ralph Peters describes what is happening as nothing less than a religious cleansing. "What we are seeing," he said Wednesday morning, "is an Islamist attempt to exterminate the last vestiges of Christian civilization in the Middle East ... it is a genuine Holocaust against Christians."

"Holocaust" is a charged word, but we are witnessing the systematic execution of people because of their religion. And just as the world watched and dithered in the 1930s, little is being done to confront the ISIS menace that has spread across the Middle East and North Africa.

President Obama heralds a "60-nation coalition," but it has been invisible. Air strikes are sparse and ground action is shunned as a last resort. Instead, the White House holds conferences on "violent extremism," the State Department implies that a jobs program will assuage the nihilists of ISIS, and the United Nations issues reports.

Meanwhile, the savages continue their march of terror. Commentary Magazine put it this way: "ISIS has not lost any of the enormous territories it overran in 2014, it has also shown itself capable of conducting operations on different fronts simultaneously." In other words, ISIS is looking more and more like a varsity squad of killers.

Some Christians and Kurds are now fighting back against ISIS in northeastern Syria, where the latest abduction occurred. And the Pentagon confirmed that a few airstrikes were carried out in the region where the Assyrian Christians were kidnapped. But so much more is needed.

Col. Peters put it very bluntly Wednesday morning on Fox: "Christians are tortured and even crucified publicly and our president does nothing; Christian women are kidnapped and raped and our president does nothing." He concluded by comparing President Obama to one of the greatest villains of the Christian religion.

Is Col. Peters guilty of hyperbole? Perhaps. But many world leaders are guilty of something far, far worse.