A President in Dream Land
By: BillOReilly.com Staff Thursday, April 23, 2015
If you missed President Obama's "interview" on MSNBC this week, you had plenty of company. The man who once filled stadiums with screaming and adoring fans can't even win the coveted cable news demo of viewers between the ages of 25 and 54.

MSNBC's softball conversation with the president was beaten by Erin Burnett on CNN, and absolutely crushed by Greta on FNC. Of course, given his tendency to ignore bad news, President Obama may wish to focus on the fact that he attracted more young viewers than CNBC's Shark Tank.

It could well be that Americans have had their fill of the president's denial, especially regarding the miserable state of the world. Mr. Obama did concede in his MSNBC lovefest that there is "a lot of tumult and chaos," but quickly added this: "There actually is probably less war and violence around the world today than there might have been thirty, forty years ago."

Our friend Charles Krauthammer destroyed that argument, describing it as "adolescent." Charles pointed out that, by that measure, Lincoln was the lousiest president of the 19th century, FDR the worst of the 20th century.

Now, it's perfectly natural for any leader to stress successes and downplay failures. No one expects President Obama to say the globe is on fire and he's holding a book of matches. What's truly disturbing is that this president seems to actually believe what he's saying.

Does the president truly believe his current claim that the United States will "work with partner countries to try to resolve conflicts?" He apparently envisions a 60-nation coalition sweeping in, much like the mythical Justice League, to make the world right. If that's the case, that coalition had better get to work. Here are just a few of today's messes:

- Terrorists are running wild in the Middle East, slaughtering tourists, women, children, Christians, and others who don't fit their strict definition of faith.

- The butcher Assad is comfortably ensconced in Syria long after leaping over President Obama's "red line."

- In Russia, Vladimir Putin looks to the West and throws up his middle finger.

- The animalistic thugs of Boko Haram still terrorize central Africa a year after kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls.

- China has developed a wandering eye and is claiming territory belonging to its neighbors.

- Europe is overrun by desperate North Africans fleeing the chaos in post-Gaddafi Libya.

- And of course, ISIS is beheading Christians, while Afghanistan seems ready to explode.

After considering that litany of horrors, President Obama did identify the "greatest threat to our planet" in his weekly radio address last Saturday. It is not a nuclear Iran, nor is it terrorism or despots running wild. It is, of course ... climate change. Does he believe that? Really?

Well, maybe we can turn to Secretary of State John Kerry for a hard-nosed dose of global reality. This week he wrote a column for USA Today and admitted that "America is once again on a dangerous path, along with the rest of the world." And what is it that Secretary Kerry finds so dangerous? You guessed it ... climate change.

Most clear-thinking Americans want our president and secretary of state to identify and deal with villains, those terrorists and tyrants who make the world a far more dangerous place than it was thirty, forty years ago. Instead, the administration is chasing the chimera of "global warming."

We expect so much more from our leaders. We expect them to be realistic, rational, and truthful about the state of the world. Then again, perhaps that's a sign that we are the ones living in a dream world
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