Pass Jessica's Law
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Pass Jessica's Law
January 19, 2018

Governor Jim Douglas

Dear Governor Douglas:

I urge you to do everything in your power to see that our state enacts a version of "Jessica's Law." As you probably know, the Florida law was named in memory of 9-year old Jessica Lunsford, who was raped and killed by a repeat sex offender. The law establishes a minimum 25-year sentence for anyone convicted of molesting a young child. It also requires that paroled sex offenders wear a GPS positioning unit so police can keep track of them at all times. Research shows that criminals who prey on young children tend to repeat their crimes many times.

Far too many young boys and girls have been brutalized by sex predators that should have been locked away. These abusers need to be kept off the streets and out of our neighborhoods. Enacting some form of "Jessica's Law" will protect our youngest and most vulnerable citizens, and will save lives. I hope you will get behind this legislation immediately.

Thank you very much for your concern and your help.


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