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By Rollin S.-88919692 from BRIMFIELD, IL on August 07, 2017
Premium Member
I signed up for a Year and Premium membership. Received my free gift, Killing Reagan, which I will be watching very soon, thanks for the free gift and giving us a lot of different choices. I am glad I signed up, because theres no spin on the Oreilly website. There are too many news stations out there that are not news, they are propaganda, and gossip. Is anyone sick of the decline of honest news, and responsible reporting?
By Dennis Z.-12723143 from WOODBURY, NJ on July 16, 2017
Premium Member
Thank you for the free gift, Bill. It seems as though the Murdoch Brothers didn't know what they had. But they will find out as it will soon be gone. Shepard Smith is Fox's Far left loon, and others such as Neil, seem to be following. That is fine. Fox was basically the only network that was fair enough to give us talk shows in support of conservative values and news. All other networks are 100% far left, and as partisan and unfair as it gets. Fox seems to care more about trying to take a share of their market while they neglect the conservative market. Huge mistake. The first person who starts up a new conservative network to replace Fox News, will be the new kings of the news networks. Bill. I think you have the knowledge, power, and possibly even the funds to start your own network and squash Fox the Rhino News network. I hope you start one up and issue stocks to support it. please let me know as I would love to purchase some shares.
By James M.-80790380 from WOODSTOCK, GA on June 30, 2017
Premium Member
"Old School" was excellent. We are advancing technologically and losing our morals and ethics. It makes one long for what used to be!
By Qinglin S. from RICHARDSON, TX on June 15, 2017
Premium Member
Joining the premium membership is one of my best investment I ever have made, I love the No Spin News podcast, every day I look forward to hear Mr. O'Reilly analysis for all of those fake/real news, he is one of a few I trust. I ordered the Civil War audio version and have really enjoyed it, fascinating history, I will order the book version because I want my son to read it, we came to the US in 2002 thru legal immigration process from China, as most Asians we tend not to pay much attention to politics, but this election and what's going on in this country now has really saddened us and it reminds me the Culture Revolution during Mao's Regime in China, millions of people died just simply disagreed with the Party, my father was a professor who was labeled as Right Wing Activist and was forced to spend 13 years in labor camps.
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