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rating stars
By Ellen S. from Dallas, TX on September 30, 2019
Halfway through reading "Killing the SS" Very hard for me to put this book down! Bill is an incredible writer, so talented, you as if you are in the middle of all the action!! The other incredible aspect of the book is the history lesson I am getting while reading this. For years I wondered about the cousins that would suddenly appear at our 3 room Brooklyn apartment, with a note in their hand, telling us who they were, as they spoke Spanish, or Yiddish, but not English. They were first cousins who"s mom , my fathers sister, had gotten out of Poland with very little but the clothes on their back. So interesting to note that Argentina was the country that lett in refugees, but many were Nazi's claiming they were refugees! Bill is an amazing journalist as well as a talented author, truthfully I believe this should be required reading for all kids in school. It would be so hard for today's crowd of millenilleas to understand all this really happened, and many of our brave young men during that war, gave their lives for our country. What if another Hitler appeared today, hmmmmmmmm?
rating stars
By John H.-63166871 from CLIFTON, NJ on January 15, 2019
Premium Member
My Son gave me a Concierge YEARLY Recurring Premium Membership as a Birthday/Christmas Gift in December 2018 and I am totally Happy and Satisfied to have the Membership that my Son so graciously gave me. It's a great and wonderful Gift to give to Friends and Relatives! For us Fans that watched Bill on his "Factor" Fox News Show, it's great to know that we can now watch him on Newsmax. WELCOME back to TV Bill! It's great to hear and see your "No Spin" style of reporting factual news once again! The Mainstream TV Networks and Newspapers in the USA no longer report factual news anymore because of their close ties to the Democratic Party and their Hate for President Trump and what he's accomplished for the legal Citizens of the USA since he's been our President. John H Greenfield Twp., Pa.
rating stars
By Ralph from RENO, NV on July 25, 2018
Premium Member
I think this service is one of the best offers around anywhere. The answers are concise and the turnaround is awesome and the price for what you get is tremendous.
rating stars
By Julia S. from SARASOTA, FL on July 24, 2018
Premium Member
I am so grateful to Bill O'Reilly and his stellar team for offering such a unique and refreshingly beneficial service of the Concierge Membership. I often see fellow patriots expressing how much they miss 'No Spin News' or 'The Factor' and proudly point them in the direction of this wonderful platform. Especially in the current climate of division and the constant barrage of misinformation that always seems to be accompanied by an agenda, I am delighted to be a Concierge Member and hear directly from our friend Mr. O'Reilly on some truly important issues while also enjoying the benefits of his website, including actual news that objectively cuts to the chase.

I think this special opportunity might be similar to the silent Independents during the historic election of 2016, only in this case, members are staying quiet for fear that it might get too popular to remain as precious as it is now, but it is time for us to share and spread the word about how lucky we feel to be a part of this club. It also reminds me of living in Florida and wanting to keep it's many gifts and beauty a secret in order for it to continue to have all of what makes it special. But, apparently Mr. O'Reilly is prepared to handle more members and welcomes anyone to join-so, the more the merrier.

Thank you Bill and No Spin Family.
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