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Made in USA
Restore The USA Diner Coffee Mug
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Product Description
The mug Bill calls "The Best Mug in the World!" Our mugs are all custom made in the USA for Bill, and will hold about 15 ounces of your morning coffee. Logo is printed on one side of the mug. This mug is dishwasher and microwave safe.
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By Cynthia F. from STRONG, AR on April 29, 2013
Color: Red
Love everything about the mug--the size, the color, the sentiment--but especially the handle! It's good to know that Americans CAN STILL MANUFACTURE A QUALITY PRODUCT HERE IN THE U.S.A.! It's also nice to know the proceeds go to such a great cause. Thank you, Bill!
By Roland from MIAMI, FL on March 28, 2013
Color: Red
Excellent mug.Great for all to see.I am using my mug for all my pens and brushs.And most of all it is MADE IN THE U.S.A. Buy on and see.Thank You
By brenda y. from BLYTHEWOOD, SC on March 19, 2013
Color: Red | Premium Member
I give the mug 5 stars. Love the color, love the size. Will buy it again
By Erika H. from TEMECULA, CA on March 07, 2013
Color: Light Blue
Loved the mug, it is just the right size, the color is beautiful and best of all, it is made in AMERICA.
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