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rating stars
By Richard from Orange Park, FL on June 15, 2020
Premium Member
Hi Bill: I'm sorry I didn't join sooner as a Premium Member. The perks are awesome! I get your new book Killing Crazy Horse, a cool Amazon App for my Kindle Fire, your newsletters, videos, podcasts, messages, and a lot more!! I'm very happy as this is terrific value and appreciate you looking out for me. I'm listening and following your words of wisdom.
rating stars
By Jim from SAUQUOIT, NY on June 13, 2020
Premium Member
Just completed reading "KILLING THE SS" and learned quite a lot. Never realized the Red Cross, The Vatican and the US actually aided the SS war criminals! Great history lesson. That so many also never were punished is tragic and that some people actually wanted to forgive them and pardoned the evil, unrepentant men and women. James B. Roberts I meant to rate it 5 Stars!
rating stars
By Mel P.-21091723 from Loomis, CA on October 10, 2019
Premium Member
Loved the book. "The United States of Trump". Almost completely done and it was an Eye Opener. I follow fox news every day still, Tucker Carlson right now, but I miss you on FNC. Now I get you on my computer, even if my cable provider decides to take FNC of their system. I appreciate your candor and honesty for all these years. It is getting harder and harder to find the truth anywhere else. The stats on the Polls today were revealing, I did not know they were running completely skewed poles: by my recollection it is a fine art to create a completely unbiased poll, so a partisan poll I don't care to know about. Keep it up, you're the best Bill
rating stars
By ROLAND M. from glen, NH on December 22, 2018
Premium Member
Received my TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK coffee mug yesterday and I must say it is a hefty robust and will stay with me as long as my love of my country. not to mention how robust the coffee taste from it. Thanks Bill for your common sense and down home presentation of our views of the current affairs!!!!