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Legends & Lies - The Real West
The Complete First Season
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Legends & Lies - The Real West uses dramatic recreations of historic events to re-examine the stories Americans think they already know about our country. The 10-part series dispels the exaggerations and falsehoods which have developed over the years, shedding new light on iconic characters and their stories. Legends & Lies cuts through the myths and brings untold truths to the screen for the first time.

Executive Producer Bill O'Reilly combines his own historical research with the knowledge of leading experts, to paint a new picture of the heroes and villains who shape America's Wild West. From Davy Crockett to Jesse James, Billy the Kid and George Custer - experience the personal struggles of these iconic characters as they transform a country in the push west that will define the United States of America as the continent wide, international superpower it becomes.

The series is a 4-disc DVD Box Set.

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rating stars
By Judith S. from CLERMONT, FL on February 16, 2017
Color: DVD
I really enjoyed watching the Legends & Lies - The Real West videos. I grew up watching westerns with my father and brother and it was refreshing to see the real stories behind the legends. The reason I rated the videos 4 out of 5 stars is because I was disappointed to see that they did not have a closed caption option. Com'n folks let's give the hard of hearing a break!
rating stars
By Laura S. from KAILUA, HI on September 27, 2016
Color: DVD
My husband and I are watching the "Legends & Lies - The Real west" DVDs and are loving it. Well done Bill!
rating stars
By Rob S. from CORVALLIS, MT on August 26, 2016
Color: DVD
M'Lady bought the Book 'Legend & Lies - The Real West', then I bought the DVD Series. Both were GREAT. Now after seeing 'The Patriots' Series on Fox, next on my DVD list will be the complete series of 'Legend and Lies: The Patriots', i.e. as soon as it is available. Cheers
rating stars
By Robert And Lois m. from JACKSONVILLE, FL on August 05, 2016
Color: DVD
Bill, I purchased as a gift for a recent high school graduate I met in a T-Shirt store. She was a clerk and was admiring my Chief Joseph Belt Buckle. I explained who he was and mentioned that this year we were also celebrating the anniversary of General George Custer's last stand. She asked me who was General Custer? With that we had a conversation about American History and I promised her I would help her obtain more information thru your books and DVDs. Next on the list for her will be Legend and Lies: The Patriots. Just my way of paying it forward for my high school History Teacher who opened up my lifelong pursuit of knowledge and enjoyment of our historical past.
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