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Legends & Lies - The Patriots
The Second Season
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This Special Edition DVD contains bonus episodes about America's First Christmas and our country's forgotten heroes.
Legends & Lies - The Patriots uses dramatic recreations of historic events to re-examine the inspiring story of America's founding. The 9-part series dispels the exaggerations and falsehoods which have developed over time, shedding new light on iconic characters and their stories. Legends & Lies cuts through the myths and brings untold truths to the screen for the first time.

Executive Producer Bill O'Reilly combines his own historical research with the knowledge of leading experts to bring the patriots who fight for American independence to life. From George Washington to Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Alexander Hamilton - experience the epic battles and personal struggles of the heroes who create the United States of America, as they stand up to the world's most powerful empire and establish a new nation that will become a beacon of liberty for the rest of the world.

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By cheryl p. from PRESCOTT, AZ on May 24, 2017
Color: DVD | Premium Member
I loved this series it made History come to life and very interesting I wish my History teachers could have used it when I was in school! I bought this for my Dad for Christmas last year and he enjoyed it I am looking forward to seeing more from this series I hope they continue it! Thank you for bringing it to the screen Bill!
By Bob N. from ROCHESTER, NY on February 06, 2017
Color: DVD | Premium Member
I really enjoy the Legends & Lies series that Bill O'Reilly has done so far. I have always been interested in our country's history and this series has made it even more enlightning and informative!
By Barbara M. from CHARTERS TOWERS, Qld on January 13, 2017
Color: DVD | Premium Member
Watched the series on TV but wanted my own copy as I think the series - and the book - was great. Grandkids also love watching it and I get to share American history with them here in Australia.
By Terry C. from WAXAHACHIE, TX on December 20, 2016
Color: DVD
My husband and I watched Legends & Lies: The Patriots on TV and loved it. It is not unusual that he loved it, but it is very much "not me" to enjoy anything historical. This series made me feel proud of our nation's founders. Also, I was astonished at how smart the founders were. I should have known they had to be smart to do what they did, but my history teachers never put this across this well. I also appreciate that the actors are regular looking people instead of this going Snowflake Style . . . errrr. . . I mean Hollywood Style by choosing the way-above-normal-looks actors. I bought the DVD set as a gift for two people I think will love it (and I know they did not watch it on TV). There were no problems with the order and the package arrived within a few days. If your extended family plays that Steal a Gift Game for the Winter Holiday . . . errr. . . I mean Christmas, this would be ideal for that (though too close to Christmas 2016 at the time of this post; maybe next year).
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