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Harper Collins Kids Are Americans Too
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Kids Are Americans Too - Audio CD
Your Rights to a Good, Safe, Fun Life
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Author: Bill O'Reilly narrated by Rick Adamson
Publisher: HarperAudio
ISBN: 0061363499
Published: Oct 16, 2007
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Product Description
New York Times Bestselling author Bill O'Reilly has zero-tolerance for pin heads and the ultimate respect for smart operators. Among the smartest operators in American history, of course, were our founding fathers--the authors of our constitution, including the amendments known as the Bill of Rights. These were scrappy guys who really cared about individual freedoms as their in-your-face warning to potential tyrants prove. They're the kind of guys Bill O'Reilly can really relate to. The kind of guys Bill knows kids can relate to, too.

In his latest audio for young people, O'Reilly speaks clearly about the fine lines between a kid's liberties and responsibilities, delves into contemporary court cases which are helping to redefine kids' rights today, and proves by example how to be an advocate for one's own rights no matter how old one is.

With examples from real-life reporting backed up by some of the best news researchers in the business, he explores thorny issues involving the internet, from sophisticated financial scams, personal libel, safety and privacy to potential identity theft. Tackling such questions as, "Can a kid wear an anti-gay T-shirt on campus?", "Can the cops force open a student's locker?", "Can a parent force his or her child to worship in a certain religion?", or "Can a kid do whatever she wants with an inheritance from a grandparent?", Bill does what Bill does best. He surprises us, but most of all he provokes, he prods, he probes, he provides the facts and ultimately he makes us think for ourselves.

This is an audio about learning to respect other people's rights as well as about understanding and protecting one's own. It's the perfect gift to give to a loved one on the brink of young adulthood so they know what to expect, as well as what's expected of them.

Run time is 2 1/2 hours/2 compact discs.
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Customer Reviews
  LARRY (VERNAL, UT) on October 15, 2009
When I saw this book, I became very curious about the way my parents brought me up, the way my wife and I brought our daughter up, and what Bill O'Reilly thinks of your child's rights. Smack on in every way. In particular; along with all the inalienable rights that all ages have, there is a necessary double standard that must exist to protect kids from harm. There are adult rights that must be withheld from children for their own protection. I believe this book is just as valuable to parents as it is to their kids. I believe Bill O'Reilly's articulation of these issues will be better than a lot of parent's ability to articulate them. He also gives good examples, common sense examples. Kids will say, "ooh, so that's what mom and dad are saying!".

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