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Replica Historical Document Bundle
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Product Description
This bundle of the historical reproductions is suitable for framing. The bundle includes the following parchment reproductions: The United States Constitution, The Bill of Rights, The Declaration of Independence, and Gettysburg Address. The paper is made to appear and feel old with a unique 11-step antiquing process. A great gift for any American History buff.

Manufactured and printed here in the USA.

The sizes of the documents are as follows (approximate):

- Bill of Rights Parchment Reproduction - 14 inches x 16 inches

- Declaration of Independence Parchment Reproduction - 14 inches x 16 inches

- Gettysburg Address Parchment Reproduction - 12 inches x 14 inches

- United States Constitution Parchment Reproduction - 12 inches x 18 inches

The documents come rolled in a tube.
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By Nina S.-55605559 from LOS ANGELES, CA on November 09, 2017
Premium Member
Dear Bill, I could not be happier with the quality of the historical documents replica. I could not believe how authentic they look. They are magnificent. I got them for my 5year old grandson however they will be in my care until he is old enough to appreciate their importance. Thank you for all that you are doing to inform and educate us about the great gift our forefathers gave to all of us.
By Barbara F. from E LIVERPOOL, OH on October 28, 2016
These documents were bought for display on our Veterans appreciation wall in our church parish hall. These documents will be part of our Veteran recognition service Nov 12,2016. Not disappointed in the documents. Outstanding quality. Great service. Thanks Bill & all from O'Reilly Factor for supporting our Vets.
By Jeanne P. from ORANGEVALE, CA on October 08, 2016
I bought these specifically for my Son who is a History Buff. Mailed them to Colorado., he loves them. Thank you so much for your fast delivery and quality products. Love Fox 40 and LOVE Bill and his show.
By John T. from CANYON CNTRY, CA on September 12, 2016
Premium Member
Delivered right on time in a high quality protective package. Parchments were a very high quality. I easily glued a wood frame on and hung over the high quality flag I also purchased from Mr. O'Reilly. I proudly display them in my den. I would highly recommend to anyone who appreciates the historical significance of the birth of this great nation.
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