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We Say Merry Christmas Doormat
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Product Description
Made in America by American workers!

Bill specifically requested that we find a good quality, molded PVC vinyl doormat.

It took a while to find, but we have exactly what Bill requested ... except bigger and better at 20" x 30".

All color completely molded in and will never wash, wear, or peel off. "We Say Merry Christmas" is imprinted in bold letters. Doormats are made of high quality 100% PVC vinyl carpet material imprinted with flock fibers.

Wish your friends and neighbors a very Merry Christmas at your door with these doormats.
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By ROBERT u.-28404838 from AUBURN, CA on December 14, 2017
Color: Green | Premium Member
This doormat is so much nicer than I was expecting. I gave it to my parents and now they want to order one for everyone in the family. Thanks Bill O'Reilly.com.
By Rosemary T. from Longboat Key, FL on December 05, 2017
Color: Green | Premium Member
I ordered the Merry Christmas mat for myself and daughter and son-in-law. The quality is excellent and am proud to display it. I still say "Merry Christmas" even though many say "Happy Holidays ". Hopefully by good example we will return to American values.
By Christopher K. from DUBUQUE, IA on November 29, 2017
Color: Green | Premium Member
The 'We Say MERRY CHRISTMAS floor mat is a welcome addition to our Christmas decorations. It is the first thing that people see when they come to our front door. I wish I could get everyone in our neighborhood to purchase one......I'll work on that! When did we get away from saying 'MERRY CHRISTMAS'? I am 69 years old and growing up I always heard people saying 'MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR. I believe the 8 years of Obama is when we stopped saying it, but now under the Trump administration time and time again he is emphasizing bringing back saying 'MERRY CHRISTMAS this season.
By Thornton P. from ALLENTOWN, PA on November 26, 2017
Color: Green | Premium Member
I ordered this and the Patriots Welcome doormat. They were delivered quickly. My wife didn't know I ordered them but when she saw the We Say Merry Christmas doormat she loved it. We immediately put it out. Everyone has commented, not only on the message, but about the vibrant colors and quality of the mat. We are thrilled. Will probably be ordering some for gifts. We'll be putting the Patriots Welcome mat out after the Christmas season.
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