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rating stars
By Laura S.-93993004 from COTTAGE GROVE, OR on October 09, 2020
Premium Member
I'm thoroughly enjoying my Annual Premium Membership and highly recommend it to everyone interested in getting the news from Bill's sharp, trustworthy perspective! It'a like old times tuning into his nightly No Spin News four nights a week. Seeing him in a suit again, telling it exactly like it is, is reassuring in a world gone mad. I chose Killing Crazy Horse as my complimentary gift and, though, I'm only a short way into it, I was drawn into the action immediately. Classic O'Reilly writing style! Thanks Bill; like I've been saying all along, you're the best. Laura S.
rating stars
By Susan P. from HARTSVILLE, SC on September 22, 2020
Premium Member
Just finished Killing Crazy Horse. Couldn't put it down. I knew that the American Indians got a bad deal when the settlers arrived, but I didn't realize how unjustly they were treated. It's heartbreaking. What a great job you did with this book. Should be required reading in school. Thanks for another great book!
rating stars
By Deb G.-28960628 from FLEMINGTON, NJ on September 21, 2020
Premium Member
Received lawn sign, "Stand UP for Your Country". Excellent quality. One issue, the print is on only one side of the sign. I was expecting a sign similar to a campaign sign that has the message printed on both sides of the banner. Visual is for traffic flowing in one direction only.
rating stars
By Raymond C. from BROOKFIELD, CT on September 17, 2020
Premium Member
I am in complete agreement with you Bill an x Navy man WWII. Keep up the good work. I am 94 and am praying for our wonderful country. God Bless Ray PS I have 4 of your books