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American Patriot Unstructured Baseball Cap
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Product Description
Finely stitched embroidery make these attractive baseball caps a great way to proudly display that you're an American Patriot!

Unstructured ball caps are a newer style. With unstructured caps the front panels (the crown) is not reinforced and thus the hat has a low profile with a more natural/closer fit on the head. This style hat is very popular with college students. If someone is wearing a hat and it looks like they were born with the cap on, or it is "floppy looking" and you are wondering how it stays on, then they are wearing an unstructured cap.

Structured caps are traditional baseball caps. The inside of the front two panels is reinforced with mesh (buckram) which causes the hat to hold its shape whether it is being worn or not. Professional baseball teams wear structured hats as part of their uniform and the team logo can easily be viewed. If you prefer the structured "high crown" style hat please click here: Check out the structured American Patriot cap here

Country of Origin: Vietnam or Pakistan or China
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By FRAN M. from SUNRISE, FL on May 31, 2017
Color: Navy | Premium Member
Love my American Patriot Unstructured Baseball Cap. Great quality great price. Being a Premium Member does have its privileges. Happy to be one.
By Sally P. from COLUMBUS, OH on December 30, 2016
Color: Navy
What do you get a guy, my dad, who has everything? I saw this hat while watching your show and I knew that he'd love this hat. He looks great in it too, then again, who wouldn't?!
By Buggs from OXFORD, PA on November 17, 2015
Color: Navy | Premium Member
The hats are well made and the fit is terrific. I have noticed they are also useful for identifying Pinheads when worn. They seem to evoke a smile or a scowl from folks passing by.
By Roberto O. from HOUSTON, TX on October 07, 2015
Color: Navy | Premium Member
Both hats, American Patriot and USA Strong are a great buy. I will continue buying them as I wear them out. I'm glad they last a long time.
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