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Pinheads and Patriots - Audio CD
Where You Stand in the Age of Obama
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Author: Bill O'Reilly
Publisher: HarperAudio
ISBN: 978-0061950742
Published: Oct 05, 2010
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Product Description
When Bill O'Reilly interviewed then Senator Barack Obama during the 2008 Presidential elections, the two had a lively debate about the nation's future.

Since that time America has changed rapidly-some would even say seismically. And many believe these shifts are doing more than just rocking the political and social climate; they're rocking the American core.

What are these changes? Who, in addition to President Obama, have been the biggest forces behind them? What exactly do they mean for you, the everyday American citizen?

How are they affecting your money, health, safety, freedom and standing in this nation? Which are pinheaded moves and which are truly patriotic?

In his latest spirited book, O'Reilly prompts further debate with the President and the American people on the current state of the union.

After 5 consecutive, no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is mega-bestsellers, you can count on Bill to offer blunt and constructive political commentary. And as he did in his popular memoir, he offers some introspection too, looking back at his own actions and those of past pinheads and patriots who have inspired a code of conduct for such taxing times.

As always, O'Reilly is fair, balanced and uncompromisingly tough when guarding the American way. Only pinheads would fail to fight for what they love most about this country or to embrace some measure of change to make it better. The rest of us patriots will read this book to discover the difference between the two.
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Customer Reviews
  nbona822 (BETHEL PARK, PA) on November 12, 2015
Bill has the perfect voice for audio. Even though I buy all of the hardcovers, I still buy the audio to listen at a later date after I finish reading. The fact that he did not read Killing Reagan (understandable with his schedule) was very sad news for me.
  Paul (CORINTH, TX) on December 28, 2011
I purchased both P & P and Killing Lincoln audio books to listen to over the holiday and got the Factor Words book FREE for my daughter who loves the new words at the end of your program. I've already listened to both books and am re-listening to them again now. They are both a great listen. Thanks Bill!!!
  Lelia Marshall B. (Key Biscayne, FL) on December 02, 2011
Purchased this as requested by my 94 year old mother in-law who lives in Panama. Took it to her when we went there for Thanksgiving along with Killing Lincoln and A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity. She'll enjoy them and so will my sister in law. Thank you.
  Sharon (KALISPELL, MT) on July 16, 2011
What a terrific audio book to take with us on an RV trip! Though we are faithful viewers of "The Factor, it is good to be reminded of who the pinheads and patriots are. Many thanks,
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