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Old School
Life in the Sane Lane
By: Bill O'Reilly
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Product Description
Old School is in session....

You have probably heard the term Old School, but what you might not know is that there is a concentrated effort to tear that school down.

It's a values thing. The anti-Old School forces believe the traditional way of looking at life is oppressive. Not inclusive. The Old School way may harbor microaggressions. Therefore, Old School philosophy must be diminished.

Those crusading against Old School now have a name: Snowflakes. You may have seen them on cable TV whining about social injustice and income inequality. You may have heard them cheering Bernie Sanders as he suggested the government pay for almost everything. The Snowflake movement is proud and loud, and they don't like Old School grads.

So where are you in all this?

Did you get up this morning knowing there are mountains to climb-and deciding how you are going to climb them? Do you show up on time? Do you still bend over to pick up a penny? If so, you're Old School.

Or did you wake up whining about safe spaces and trigger warnings? Do you feel marginalized by your college's mascot? Do you look for something to get outraged about, every single day, so you can fire off a tweet defending your exquisitely precious sensibilities? Then you're a Snowflake.
So again, are you drifting frozen precipitation? Or do you matriculate at the Old School fountain of wisdom?

This book will explain the looming confrontation so even the ladies on The View can understand it.  

Time to take a stand. Old School or Snowflake. Which will it be?
Pages: 192
Published: Mar 28, 2017
Publisher: Henry Holt and Co.
Dimensions: 5-1/2 x 8-1/4 (in inches)
ISBN: 9781250135797
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By J Colleen from DALLAS, TX on December 14, 2017
Format: Audio CD | Premium Member
So funny! I love the Bill and Bruce stories and really did laugh out loud! As a baby boomer, I am definitely an Old School lady but it does help explain the snow flakes to me. Prayers for all of those who haven't heard Fox News or Bill's Podcast. I even bought several Old School audio books for some liberal friends as I am hoping they will laugh and learn their way into rational thinking! We shall see! You made my Christmas Merrier Bill! Thanks!
By Kevin T. from POUGHKEEPSIE, NY on October 17, 2017
Format: Hardcover | Premium Member
Born 1960. Tail end of the Old School bunch. Still have that work ethic and values, that I was able to pass to my children. Great read!
By Christopher P. from BALTIMORE, MD on July 26, 2017
Format: Hardcover | Premium Member
As I was born in 1950, Old School really hit home. It was a joy reading about all the stuff that went on during my upbringing. I'm definitely an "old school" guy!! Although, my oldest daughter (age 38) is the complete opposite, and is definitely a "snowflake". I highly recommend Old School to any "baby boomer"'ll definitely get a kick out of it!!
By Robert S. from WESTERVILLE, OH on July 15, 2017
Format: Audio CD | Premium Member
I purchased the audio version of Old School and thoroughly enjoyed listening to it. I am definitely old school with a few snowflake tendencies. I found the book very humorous and caught myself laughing many times. A really good read (listen)
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