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By Deborah L. B. from MEADOWLAKES, TX on June 15, 2017
Premium Member
Old School: Life in the Sane Lane was a terrific read. Wish things could go back just a little to a much saner world! But life now without the machines, would be impossible! Just received Legends and Lies the Civil War. Looking forward to reading it, but first will let my dad read it. Thanks again, for writing such interesting books.
By Judy U. from GARDEN GROVE, CA on June 15, 2017
Premium Member
I've been a Factor fan for 16 years and was very disappointed that the show was cancelled.. I'm so glad Bill made the podcast available and had no idea how much I was missing until I signed on in April this year. If you're looking for honest analysis that packs a punch you'll certainly find it here! There is nothing better than the "No Spin News." How refreshing it is to hear the truth that the media never covers. It's like having a chat with Bill in your living room. So glad we can count on Bill to keep looking out for us folks!
By Carolyn L.-64992720 from NEWINGTON, CT on June 08, 2017
Premium Member
Love my premium membership. Enjoy your podcasts everyday. It's truly the one place I KNOW O I'm getting the truth about what really is happening in our world. You are my trusted advisor on how to sort out the real news from the static. There are many folks on Fox News that speak the truth as well but for some reason your style of reporting reasonates with me. Must be "Old School" spin. Which I'm currently reading. I chose this book as part of my membership and am loving every page. I find myself laughing OUT LOUD while reading each page. Yes I remember it well. When I heard you respond to mail from a woman who asked about when in our history has our country been so divided. I listened carefully to your answer. I'm 70 years old and obviously too young to remember the Civil War and World War II but have heard, read and seen many documentaries to support what you are saying, Vietnam I remember, although I was raising a family and taking care of my parents who were not well at the same time, so I know I was not paying as close arttentiom to the details of the war to the extent I am now. Age and some maturity does that for you. I wanted to ad to something to your response to her that I see today that I'm not sure was prevalent with the three previous times in history you reference and that is the shear numbers of very critical issues that this country is divided on all at the same time. Is there anything we aren't divided on. If there is something I'm missing I know you will be the one to bring that to my attention. It don't remember hearing about such divisions on so many fronts during those times. I certainly admit the first two I was simply too young. Throughout my adult years I can't recall anything quite like this. On my bucket list, is to attend your performance with Miller when you come back closer to Connecticut. Many thanks for the no spin news. Looking forward to whatever you plan to add to your current agenda. I too feel it's Diety that comes to me in my quiet times and gives me inspiration and guidance. Looking forward to whatever you decide makes the most sense for "the folks".
By ingrid e.-80191675 from AUSTIN, TX on June 07, 2017
Premium Member
Thank you for the signed copy of the Old School, it took me bit longer to read it since I got it (work, 3 kids) but I have to say very entertaining and great read, my favorite parts actually were Chapter 11 Lincoln's and G.H. W. Bush's letters (wow - wouldn't it be refreshing to hear that on TV instead of all the garbage?!) I am a women but my kids will vouch I have best Clint Eastwood squint whenever they are in trouble at home :-) - that really would be me composing myself not to kill them as I would like grandkids one day! Where can I send my contributions so this Les Deplorables play will come to real life...I died laughing reading that part...brilliant!!! (never heard of Mr. Feirstein before but quickly become his fan...still will not buy Vanity Fair but good to know somebody like him works there!) you know it reminded me of Mel Brook's Hitler musical (how about that Mr. Feirstein for compliment!)
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