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Made in USA
Restore The USA 24 oz. Water Bottle
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Product Description
Get one of these BPA free Restore the USA aluminum water bottles made by Liberty for your on the go, busy life. Excellent way to have fresh water with you at the gym, out walking or anywhere else that you want to stay hydrated.

This bottle itself is approximately 10 inches tall with the cap on or 9 inches tall with the cap off, 2 3/4 inches in circumference, and the cap is 1 1/2 inches tall.

* Open up and say Ahhh. The wide mouth threadless design makes for easy cleaning and is ice cube friendly.
* The ONLY American made metal bottle in the marketplace.
* Recycled and Recyclable. Liberty Bottles are the ONLY bottle to be made from recycled materials.
* Commitment to safety. Liberty Bottles exceed FDA requirements, are non-toxic and non-leaching. Independent Lab Certified to be 100% BPA FREE
* FEEL THE CLICK. Patent pending 1/4 turn on/off cap design.
* No more turning and turning, the Liberty cap uses a simple patent pending 1/4 turn on/off design. It's winged design makes it easier to use.
* Splash free drinking. The gradually tapered neck mimics the smooth pour of a wine bottle.
* Deep Drawn Aluminum Construction. Less dents, greater durability, and precision construction.
* Drink Confidently. Flexible Food Grade Coatings insure no chips or flakes end up in your water. Unlike uncoated metal bottles, our coating insures no heavy metal leaching or porous surface for bacteria build up.

Yes, the whole process from cap to water bottle to the machines that make them are all made in the USA. No part of our bottles are made out of the country. 100% made in the USA.
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By Gary S. from SWEDESBORO, NJ on July 28, 2012
Color: Black
Really excellent. Looks great on my desk. Has also increased my water intake -- an added benefit.
By James D. from BATESVILLE, IN on March 14, 2012
Color: Black | Premium Member
Nice and handy. I take it to work and use it and set it out on my desk. Good conversation piece.
By Michael P. from OAKLAND PARK, FL on March 02, 2012
Color: Black
Bought this for my wife. She is turning to a Patriot because of our daughter and myself. She was a teacher here and was attacked by a Special Ed student in 1988. Five back surgeries later, still in very bad shape. She loves the water bottle.
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