FAQ: Technical Questions
Frequently Asked Technical Questions from the Bill O'Reilly Audience

I'm an AOL user and always get blank emails from you. How come?

Our emails are encoded in HTML, the same language that's used to encode web sites. We do this because it allows Bill O'Reilly to include color, pictures and make our newsletters easy to read. AOL is very picky about email containing HTML and only accepts older versions of it. We're using the latest version, so sometimes that's a problem.

We would suggest upgrading to the latest version of AOL (8.0+). That usually does the trick.

I've already paid for my Premium Membership. Why do I have to log in to Bill O'Reilly everytime I want to use it?

Logging into Bill O'Reilly is important because it protects your account from unwanted use and ensures that the right person is using the correct account. Your account holds private and personal information and we want to make sure that it is as secure and private as possible.

How do I listen to the Radio Factor or watch the Exclusive Webcasts?

The Radio Factor and Exclusive Webcasts can be found on the the left hand side of the Bill O'Reilly homepage. You'll need to be a Premium Member to listen or view them. At the moment, we currently support streaming media in both Real and Windows Media format although other formats may be supported in the future.

Please ensure you have either Real Player or Windows Media Player installed in your computer. If not, you can download them here:

Download the FREE Real Player here: http://www.real.com/

Download the FREE Windows Media Player here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/search.aspx?displaylang=en

I can access all of Bill O'Reilly except the Message Boards. How come?

The Bill O'Reilly Message Boards require you to agree to its Terms and Conditions before you can use it. This is done for legal reasons and to protect our Premium Members from abuse, libel or defamation.

You will see the Terms and Agreements page when you click on the Feedback Zone for the first time and the site will not allow you to access our message boards unless you agree to these terms.

Can I download audio or video of Bill's shows to my computer?

The Radio Factor is available commercial free to download as an MP3 file to your computer. Additionally Podcasting is available to Premium Members.
There are no video downloads available.

Can I watch "The O'Reilly Factor" online?

"The O'Reilly Factor" is only available via the Fox News television broadcast. Unfortunately, we cannot offer streaming or downloadable video of "The O'Reilly Factor" on our website.

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