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News Quiz: Soaring Stocks, a Troubled Chain, and an Athlete in Trouble
This week's News Quiz includes soaring stocks, a troubled chain, and an athlete in trouble.
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1. Joe Biden and Donald Trump have agreed to debates hosted by CNN and which other network?
2. Which major stock market index reached an all-time high last week?
3. The prime minister of which European nation was shot by a would-be assassin last week?
4. President Biden has announced that he will quadruple the tariff from 25% to 100% on which product made in China?
5. Former Trump lawyer and ex-con Michael Cohen is trying to sell his own reality TV show called what?
6. Some people were enraged by a commencement address delivered by Harrison Butker. Who is he?
7. Which well-known restaurant chain has abruptly closed dozens of outlets?
8. The world's top-ranked golfer was arrested Friday and charged with assaulting a police officer. Who is he?
9. Next month President Biden will hold a celebrity-packed fundraiser in Los Angeles. Which stars are headlining the event?
10. Which morning TV host is on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue?