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1. Which NBC reporter will interview President Trump live prior to the Super Bowl?
   Lester Holt
   Bob Costas
   Megyn Kelly
   Andrea Mitchell
   None of the above
2. Republican Senator Jeff Flake, in a speech on the Senate floor, likened President Trump to which murderous tyrant?
   Adolf Hitler
   Kim Jong Un
   Joseph Stalin
   King George III
   Benito Mussolini
3. Democratic Senator Cory Booker brutally lambasted which cabinet official who claimed to have not heard the president's alleged "s***hole" comment?
   Rex Tillerson, State
   Jeff Sessions, Justice
   Sonny Perdue, Agriculture
   Kirstjen Nielsen, Homeland Security
   Mick Mulvaney, Management and Budget
4. Pope Francis made a trip to his home continent of South America last week. What is his native country?
5. When President Trump handed out his "Fake News Awards," who was cited for making the most egregious error?
   Jim Acosta, CNN
   Brian Ross, ABC News
   Joe Scarborough, MSNBC
   Dave Weigel, Washington Post
   Paul Krugman, New York Times
6. A show on VH1 called "RuPaul's Drag Race" searches for America's most flamboyant "drag queens." Which politician has signed on to be a guest judge?
   Mike Pence
   Nancy Pelosi
   Donald Trump
   Hillary Clinton
   Rahm Emanuel
7. North and South Korea will enter the stadium together at next month's Winter Olympics opening ceremony. Which flag or flags will they be carrying?
   Both nations' flags
   The One World flag
   The United Nations flag
   A Korean Unification flag
   The Olympic five-ring flag
8. After 35 years, Saudi Arabia has finally allowed a movie to be shown in the repressive kingdom. Which film was chosen to end the long drought?
   The Emoji Movie
   The Little Mermaid
   The Prince of Egypt
   It's a Wonderful Life
   The Triumph of the Will
9. TV veteran John Coleman died Saturday at the age of 83. He was the co-founder of which very successful cable network?
   Fox News Channel
   The History Channel
   The Weather Channel
10. After a meeting with President Trump Friday, Senator Chuck Schumer compared dealing with the president to negotiating with what?
   An amoeba
   Harry Houdini
   The border wall

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