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1. The explosive used in Afghanistan last week, referred to as the 'mother of all bombs,' is officially the MOAB. What does the 'B' stand for in that acronym?
2. Approximately how many U.S. military personnel are stationed in South Korea?
3. The infamous United Flight 3411, from which Dr. David Dao was forcibly dragged when he refused to give up his seat, was bound for which city?
   Lansing, MI
   Nashville, TN
   Knoxville, TN
   Louisville, KY
   Charleston, WV
4. Which town declared itself a 'sanctuary city' and then rescinded that status exactly ten days later?
   Lansing, MI
   Nashville, TN
   Knoxville, TN
   Louisville, KY
   Charleston, WV
5. Last week CIA Director Mike Pompeo described someone as a 'narcissist who has created nothing of value.' Who?
   Kim Jong-un
   Julian Assange
   Vladimir Putin
   Chelsea Manning
   Edward Snowden
6. Left wing celebrities, among them Rosie O'Donnell and Jane Fonda, are speaking out in support of Jon Ossoff. Who is he?
   Abortion doctor
   Illegal immigrant
   Death row inmate
   Candidate for U.S. House
   Presidential candidate in France
7. Thousands of protesters hit the streets in some American cities Saturday to demand what?
   The end of income inequality
   Tax reform and simplification
   Abolishment of the income tax
   Much higher taxes on the wealthy
   The release of President Trump's taxes
8. Which network's evening news program has been last in the ratings and is falling farther behind?
   NBC Nightly News
   CBS Evening News
   ABC World News Tonight
   All three are essentially tied
9. Which major league baseball team is playing in a brand new stadium that cost more than $1-billion?
   Chicago Cubs
   Atlanta Braves
   Boston Red Sox
   Kansas City Royals
   Los Angeles Dodgers
10. The latest installment in which movie franchise broke a record by grossing more than $530-million globally over the Easter weekend?
   Star Wars
   Harry Potter
   The Fast and the Furious

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