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1. Two Republican Senators have announced their unalterable opposition to the health care bill. They are Rand Paul and who else?
   Ted Cruz, TX
   Mike Lee, UT
   Lisa Caputo, WV
   Susan Collins, ME
   Lisa Murkowski, AL
2. Which city in Iraq was declared liberated from ISIS control last week?
   Abu Ghraib
3. Who was not in that June 2016 meeting at Trump Tower that is at the center of the media's focus?
   Eric Trump
   Paul Manafort
   Jared Kushner
   Donald Trump Jr.
   Natalia Veselnitskaya
4. Which member of Congress has formally introduced articles of impeachment against the president?
   Adam Schiff, CA
   John Conyers, MI
   Keith Ellison, MN
   Brad Sherman, CA
   Maxine Waters, CA
5. Which European nation has the second most per capita rapes in the world, behind only Lesotho in southern Africa?
6. Meanwhile, which European country is suddenly infested by attacks in which acid is thrown into victims' faces?
7. Whose parole hearing will be televised live this week?
   O.J. Simpson
   Bernie Madoff
   Ted Kaczynski
   Charles Manson
   David Berkowitz
8. An Olympic gold medalist says he or she may run for the United States Senate. Who?
   Carl Lewis
   Mark Spitz
   Caitlyn Jenner
   Michael Phelps
   Gabby Douglas
9. Who is writing a new book that is sure to earn him or her millions of dollars?
   James Comey
   Ivanka Trump
   Bowe Bergdahl
   Chelsea Clinton
   Chelsea Manning
10. With his victory at Wimbledon Sunday, Roger Federer won his 19th Grand Slam singles championship. Who holds the men's all-time record in that category?
   Rod Laver
   Bjorn Borg
   Pete Sampras
   Ken Rosewall
   Roger Federer

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