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1. Democratic candidates won governor races in New Jersey and Virginia last week. When they take office, how many states will have Democratic governors?
   Twenty one
   Twenty six
   Thirty one
2. Last July former FBI boss James Comey described Hillary Clinton's email handling as "extremely careless." What term did he originally use in an earlier draft?
   Grossly negligent
   Incredibly sloppy
   Potentially damaging
   Willfully irresponsible
   Unreasonably careless
3. In her much-discussed tell-all book about the 2016 primaries and election, Donna Brazile criticized whose "titanic ego?"
   Debbie Wasserman Schultz
   Hillary Clinton
   Barack Obama
   None of them
   All three
4. There are five types of military discharges. The madman who killed 26 people in a Texas church last week was given which when he left the Air Force?
   Bad conduct
   Other than honorable
   General under honorable conditions
5. Silicon Valley billionaire Sean Parker admits that social media exploits human weakness and was engineered to be addictive. Which company did he help found?
6. The California chapter of the NAACP says race relations will be better if we do away with what?
   White people
   Private property
   Electoral College
   Professional sports
   Star-Spangled Banner
7. The city of Washington is about to put up a statue of whom?
   Fidel Castro
   Jesse Jackson
   Marion Barry
   Richard Nixon
   Louis Farrakhan
8. A major plague known as Black Death has killed hundreds and infected thousands in which part of the world?
   East Africa
   North Africa
   New Zealand
   Southeast Asia
   South America
9. ESPN is hemorrhaging subscribers, its revenue is declining, and more layoffs are looming. Which media giant owns the network?
   Time Warner
   21st Century Fox
10. Who is Christopher Steele?
   Rand Paul's neighbor and attacker
   New governor of Virginia
   Kevin Spacey accuser
   Former British spy
   Porn star

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