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1. Only one Republican voted against the tax reform bill that passed the Senate last Friday. Who?
   Jeff Flake, AZ
   Bob Corker, TN
   Ron Johnson, WI
   Steve Daines, MT
   Susan Collins, ME
2. On the other side of the aisle, which vulnerable Democratic Senator voted in favor of the tax reform legislation?
   Claire McCaskill, MO
   Tammy Baldwin, WI
   Heidi Heitkamp, ND
   Joe Manchin, WV
3. Democratic Congressman John Conyers, who is under increasing pressure to resign, is married to a woman who spent time in prison for what crime?
   Tax evasion
   Lying to the FBI
   "Sexting" with a minor
4. The purchase of Time, Inc., which includes People, Fortune, and Sports Illustrated, is being largely funded by whom?
   Jeff Bezos
   George Soros
   Warren Buffett
   Michael Bloomberg
   Charles and David Koch
5. Which talk show host claims to be ready and eager to engage in a fistfight with Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore?
   Jimmy Fallon
   Jimmy Kimmel
   Stephen Colbert
   Ellen DeGeneres
   Whoopi Goldberg
6. President Trump has donated his third-quarter salary to which cause?
   Boy Scouts
   Border security
   Opioid addiction
   Wounded warriors
   Alzheimer's research
7. The Winter Olympic Games will begin in February in which city?
   Beijing, China
   Nagano, Japan
   Sapporo, Japan
   Chengdu, China
   Pyeongchang, South Korea
8. One of the most liberal members of the House of Representatives has announced that he or she will not run for reelection. Who?
   John Lewis, GA
   Luis Gutierrez, IL
   Keith Ellison, MN
   Frederica Wilson, FL
   Sheila Jackson Lee, TX
9. A man named Jerome Powell is expected to soon be running which of the following?
   Federal Reserve
   State Department
   Internal Revenue Service
   Environmental Protection Agency
   Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
10. Which university's football team will definitely NOT reign as this season's national champion?
   Ohio State

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