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O'Reilly's News Quiz: Have you been Paying Attention?
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines this week?

Take Bill O'Reilly's News Quiz and see for yourself.
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1. Georgia's controversial new law imposes which restriction on voting?
2. Which airline declared the Georgia law 'unacceptable' and an attempt to 'restrict voting rights?'
3. Meanwhile, President Biden's proposed 'infrastructure' bill provides tens of billions of dollars for which of the following?
4. 'I'm scared!' declared Rochelle Walensky. What organization does she run?
5. Which state actually gives vaccine priority to people who are 'Black, Indigenous, or a person of color?'
6. Noah Green, the 25-year-old man who rammed and killed a Capitol Police officer Friday, was a devout follower of whom?
7. Rob Manfred was in the news last week. Who is he?
8. Last week former President Trump sat down for a television interview with which Fox News contributor?
9. Embattled Congressman Matt Gaetz allegedly met young women by using which website?
10. The new book is called 'Beautiful Things.' Who wrote it?