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O'Reilly's News Quiz: Have you been Paying Attention?
Have you been paying attention to the people and events making headlines this week?

Take Bill O'Reilly's News Quiz and see for yourself.
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1. Last week the Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the Affordable Care Act that could have nullified the entire law. Which justice dissented?
2. Catholic bishops have approved a measure that could prevent President Biden and other abortion advocates from participating in which sacrament?
3. Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has proclaimed it to be a public health crisis. What?
4. About 50 police officers have resigned from which city's riot squad?
5. The newly-minted federal holiday of 'Juneteenth' recognizes the day the last slaves were freed in which state?
6. A controversy has erupted because the new United States Space Command will be headquartered where?
7. In which state do drivers pay $1.18 in taxes and fees for every gallon of gasoline?
8. On the other side of the coin, according to AAA, which state has the lowest gas prices in America?
9. Which nation now has the lowest fertility rate in the world, with 1.07 births per woman?
10. In an effort to 'redefine sexy,' Victoria's Secret is doing away with its supermodel 'Angels' and has hired whom to be one of its spokespeople?