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O'Reilly's News Quiz: Have you been Paying Attention?
It's time again to test your news knowledge with this week's quiz. Included are questions about a soaring gas prices, Bidenomics, a new HS requirement, and a Democrat gone rogue. Don't forget to post your score here for all to see!
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1. After Friday's dismal jobs report, President Biden gave a thirteen-minute speech in which he used which word eleven times?
2. Last week there was a high-level meeting in Mexico City to discuss illegal immigration. Who did not attend?
3. 'Republicans played a dangerous and risky partisan game ... their brinksmanship did not work.' Who made that inflammatory statement?
4. A national leader is being mocked for using the latest woke acronym - '2SLGBTQQIA+' - when referring to sexual identities. Who?
5. Which prominent government health official will retire later this year?
6. The national average price of a gallon of gasoline is $3.27, but which state's prices are more than a dollar above that?
7. Meanwhile, which state passed a law making it mandatory that every high school graduate take at least one course in ethnic studies?
8. Which 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has decided to leave the party?
9. Which prime time cable news host attracts the smallest audience on a nightly basis?
10. Which comedian is being widely condemned and accused of 'transphobia?'