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O'Reilly's News Quiz: Have you been Paying Attention?
Let's test your news knowledge with this week's 10-question quiz. Included are questions about soaring prices, the notorious variant, a majestic actor, and welfare for a terrorist. Please post your score here for all to see!
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1. During arguments over vaccine mandates, which Supreme Court justice erroneously claimed that 100,000 children are in serious condition due to Covid?
2. Which annual event has been postponed because of fears over Omicron?
3. For the first time since 1931, General Motors did not sell the most vehicles in the USA last year. Which company had the most domestic sales?
4. President Biden has blamed soaring beef prices on four processing companies that he claims unfairly dominate the market. Which is NOT among them?
5. Because he won't divulge his vaccination status, tennis ace Novak Djokovic was detained and prohibited from competing in which country?
6. Which notorious prisoner received a $1,400 Covid relief check?
7. Many of his fellow conservatives were incensed when one senator referred to January 6th as a 'violent terrorist attack.' Who?
8. Which company has essentially pulled the plug on its once hugely popular cell phones?
9. Sidney Poitier, who died Friday at age 94, starred in many landmark movies. Which was NOT among them?
10. Each year the 'Banished Words List' declares that some terms should be relegated to the dustbin of history. Which is among them for 2021?