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News Quiz: George Santos, Alec Baldwin, & Davos
This week's News Quiz includes a glitzy gathering, a fed-up mayor, and desperation at CNN.
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1. There were few conservatives at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, but which Republican governor was on hand?
2. One panel at the WEF was moderated by which fired CNN host?
3. After a lengthy investigation, the Supreme Court has identified the culprit who leaked the opinion overturning Roe v. Wade. Who was it?
4. Which Democratic big-city mayor just visited the border city of El Paso and harshly criticized the Biden administration?
5. Now that CNN's prime time ratings have absolutely cratered, the network is reportedly considering a new 9:00 PM show with what focus?
6. Jacinda Ardern, a heroine of the left who mandated draconian Covid lockdowns, is resigning as prime minister of which nation?
7. During an interview in 2020, habitual liar and Congressman George Santos claimed he had been a collegiate star in which sport?
8. Lawmakers in Wyoming have proposed a bill that would ban the sale of what by 2035?
9. Actor Alec Baldwin has been charged with what crime resulting from the fatal gunshot on a movie set in New Mexico?
10. Writing in USA Today, 'lifestyle and wellness' reporter David Oliver advised that which greeting should be avoided?

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