News Quiz
The Return of the News Quiz!
This week's News Quiz includes a presidential tic, a futuristic vision, and a blast from the past.
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1. Jacob Chansley has been in the news lately. Who is he?
2. The deadly attack on Americans in Mexico occurred in Matamoros, across the border from which Texas city?
3. Which state has just become the latest to allow an illegal immigrant to obtain a driver's license?
4. Donald Trump has unveiled a plan for ten futuristic new cities that would include which feature?
5. The U.S. Army is dusting off which old slogan in an effort to boost recruiting?
6. Walmart is closing its two remaining stores in which city?
7. Which term did President Biden utter 31 times in his budget speech last week?
8. It has declined in the USA for the first time in a century. What?
9. A special called 'Jill Biden Abroad' followed the First Lady to various countries and included a softball interview. It aired on which network?
10. The White House presented 11 'International Women of Courage' awards, one of them to Argentinian Alba Rueda. Why is that notable?