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News Quiz: Kamala Harris, California, & Jimmy Carter
This week's News Quiz includes a miffed VP, angry enviros, and a snubbed star.
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1. The Biden administration has angered environmental activists by approving a new drilling project on federal land located where?
2. In approximate terms, how have the benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 performed since Joe Biden's inauguration?
3. According to numerous reports, Vice President Kamala Harris recently shunned which Democratic Senator?
4. Which member of Congress has officially declared his or her candidacy in 2024?
5. Former President Jimmy Carter has asked whom to deliver his eulogy?
6. The leader of which nation claims his country is 'safer than the United States?'
7. Which city's leaders endorse paying reparations to its Black residents?
8. Which prominent Californian who cheered the bailout of Silicon Valley Bank was also a client of the failed institution?
9. Which late movie star was conspicuously omitted from the traditional 'In Memoriam' segment at the Oscars?
10. Which professional sport is considering making major changes to the ball it uses?