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News Quiz: Gun Charges, Re-election, & the Bidens
This week's News Quiz includes a gun purchase, a gun ban, and a very heroic pooch.
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1. Which influential liberal columnist broke ranks last week and urged President Biden to step aside because of his age and mental fitness?
2. Which candidate has not yet qualified for the second Republican primary debate later this month?
3. Hunter Biden has been indicted on three felony charges related to his purchase of which type of firearm?
4. The governor of which state unilaterally enacted a gun ban that was quickly overturned by a federal judge?
5. In a case of red-on-red verbal violence, which Republican member of Congress is insulting and denouncing Speaker Kevin McCarthy?
6. Which Republican Senator announced that he or she will not run for re-election next year?
7. Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez stands accused of falsifying which aspect of her life?
8. Last week a famous brand closed its flagship store because of rampant shoplifting and crime. Which?
9. This is the last model year for which 'muscle car,' which is being discontinued?
10. Finally, what is the breed of the dog that bit and pinned down escaped killer Danelo Cavalcante?