News Quiz
News Quiz: Biden Administration, Democratic Senator, & Ray Epps
This week's News Quiz includes Trump's travels, a slovenly senator, and another Biden boast.
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1. The Biden administration has granted temporary amnesty to 500,000 illegal immigrants from which nation?
2. Where will Donald Trump be while other Republican candidates debate Wednesday in Simi Valley, California?
3. The UN Security Council has four permanent members in addition to the USA. The leader of which skipped last week's General Assembly meeting?
4. Which large city is considering operating its own grocery store?
5. The boss of which major media company is stepping aside?
6. Which Democratic senator is pushing a proposal to reestablish a dress code, which was jettisoned to accommodate John Fetterman?
7. Mystery man Ray Epps, seen on camera urging protesters to storm the Capital, has finally been charged with which crime?
8. Country music singer Maren Morris says she's fed up with what?
9. Extroverted Congresswoman Lauren Bobert was watching which musical when she and her male companion were booted for 'causing a disturbance?'
10. Last week President Biden told a group of religious leaders that he was raised in which houses of religion?