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News Quiz: Boy Scouts, an axed TV show, and a famous tool
This week's News Quiz includes Boy Scouts, an axed TV show, and a famous tool.
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1. Which United States Senator showed up at Donald Trump's trial last week to lend support?
2. The century-old Boy Scouts of America is changing its name to what?
3. Which octogenarian senator just announced that he will run for reelection?
4. Which pharmaceutical giant has stopped producing its Covid-19 vaccine?
5. Which protest-infested Ivy League university has cancelled its main graduation ceremony?
6. University of Florida president Ben Sasse has been widely praised for his handling of anti-Israel protests. What position did he formerly hold?
7. Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. disclosed that doctors found what in his brain?
8. The makers of the Swiss Army Knife will offer a new version that does NOT include which common feature?
9. CBS raised the ire of many viewers by cancelling which long-running show?
10. On the subject of cancellations, Chevrolet is discontinuing which 60-year-old model?